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JOHN A. STONEHAM JR.  has worked as a stunt coordinator for 30 years, in addition to a notable career as a stunt performer and actor dating back to his 1st professional job in 1977.

As a Stunt performer, some of his countless credits include X-Men: The Last Stand,The Crow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories, Fantastic Four 2 and Salt to name a few..

John originally wanted to be a firefighter as a boy, until seeing his first film on the big screen made him want  to be part of making movies..… John has always been a well-rounded sports athlete, participating in everything from Wing Chung Kung Fu to hockey. John was offered Hockey scholarships but he eventually went with a Golf  Scholarship to Alabama and during college he continued to work in film, where his passion grew from performing into a deep desire to create and design the action parts of the story.

Recognizing the importance of all aspects of filmmaking, John applied himself to learn camera, editing, and directing. He quickly found himself working closely with the Top established directors on feature films where he has learned from them immensely, this allowed him to focus his talents behind the camera.


With the craziness of Covid ...  John decided  to retire from the full time traveling and hectic pace of film in 2020 and remain closer to Home. 

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